FFTT History

Experiencing Seattle: From Failing to Thriving (FFTT) has been a 100% volunteer-run program for the past five years, enhanced by dozens of community partners, sponsors, and generous donors.

Since 2009, ongoing sustainable partnerships have allowed for project-based learning, field trips, and gifts from sponsors- sending a loud and clear message to student-participants that the community deeply cares about them and wants to see each one THRIVE while Becoming a Contributor (FFTT Stage 5).

Over 80 alternative high school students have participated in the 5-day intensive mini-course version of FFTT. While serving at-risk teens, FFTT has grown wildly popular with participants not wanting the five days to end stating, “FFTT actually makes school fun! I WANT to show up every day.”

The five-day mini-course, however, was only the beginning– providing a small, yet enticing, sample of the full-length version to come.

In response to participant feedback, with strong levels of teen interest in the FFTT program and with student demands for expansion, the volunteer team explored possibilities of creating a full-service community center to host the 7-week version of FFTT for qualifying high school participants. And the vision for Thrive City, now in the developing stages, was born.